Cathy R

Medical Record Analyst

  • Specialisms:  Trauma/ITU/A&E, Resuscitation, Cardio-Thoracics
  • Career: Qualified over 30 years ago. Took a Commission as a Nurse in the Army in 1986 and gained experience in trauma, gunshot wounds and bomb blasts. Travelled extensively including the Himalayas on exercise, became a practice nurse for a short time on leaving the Army. After a 3 year break, and 2 children, returned to nursing qualifying in Cardiothoracics and also became an ALS & PALS instructor. Worked for the British Heart Foundation for 10 years and finally as a Medico-legal consultant
  • Career Highlights: Time in the Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, cardiac nursing qualification and becoming an ALS and PALS instructor
  • Professional Body: RCN
  • Hobbies: Cooking (setting up my own catering business) and travelling
  • Likes: LOVE my family and so proud of our two adventurous girls; meeting people & long walks with the dog and whoever wants to come along!
  • Dislikes: Rudeness and people who think themselves better than those that they come into contact with. Injustice and people who should know better taking advantage of others
  • Favourite Holiday: Too many good ones to mention – holidays and breaks are essential and enjoying each one for what it is is what makes them all special but if I had to pick one, returning to our honeymoon hotel in Italy 25 years on – amazing
  • Attitude to Life: Always be kind and live it to the full. You can’t say that you can’t do something until you have tried it and proved you can’t – enjoy every experience and learn from the ride on the way

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