Gez Bevan

Gez B

Medical Record Analyst

  • Specialisms:  Mental Health Care, Community Addictions Team/Substance Misuse, Public Health, Offender Health, Pregnancy and Drug Use
  • Career: Varied but with a thread of consistency. Wrote in my first school book (aged 4) “when I grow up I want to be a nurse”…
  • Career Highlights: The autonomy of managing a mobile/daily clinic for drug users, establishing a liaison service for women pregnant and drug using. Currently sit as a Fitness to Practise panellist with the NMC
  • Professional Body: RCN & NMC
  • Hobbies: Shouting at the TV when the rugby is on, horse riding…”your seat isn’t technically correct”…classic car/bike shows – mount old adverts and trade at classic & vintage shows, keep chickens; although I think sometimes they keep me!
  • Likes: The smell of cut grass, sunrises/sunsets, my new wellies, a full log store
  • Dislikes: Butter beans, indolent people who don’t pull their weight, discrimination and prejudice
  • Favourite Holiday: Jamaica Christmas/New Year – a number of times, cycling around Ireland
  • Attitude to Life: Principles do matter, if I’m going to do something it will be done properly. Always say thank you, defend the things that are worth defending

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