Malcolm H

Medical Record Analyst

  • Specialisms: Recently Retired GP, Clinical Assistant Ophthalmology – hospital based, Occupational Health to MOD (Medical Examiner)
  • Career: General Medicine Gloucester Royal; General Surgery Windsor and Heatherwood; Paediatrics St Georges; Psychiatry PMH Wroughton; GP Registrar and Medical Officer Royal Air Force; NHS GP Barmouth; Cinical Assistant in Ophthalmology
  • Career Highlights: In the early 2000s I project managed the introduction of a formal digitalised photographic diabetic retinopathy screening program for General Practices in South Gwynedd
  • Hobbies: Motorsport. I compete in Speed Hillclimbs and Sprints with my specially prepared Caterham 7. Classic cars. I run and maintain a 1966 Lotus Elan S3 Coupe. Fly fishing
  • Likes: Attention to detail, good organisation and stability
  • Dislikes: Inefficiency, poor customer service
  • Favourite Holiday: Pembrokeshire. Fishing and walking parts of the Coastal Path
  • Attitude to Life: If it feels right, then it probably is right, so do it!

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