Judi Quirke

Matt Carson

MRC Driver

  • Career: Once I finished University at Leeds in 2012 I worked for a debt management company in the Altrincham area for 4 years. My role included I.T. & Marketing within the company. For my second job in 2016 I was a Marketing Co-ordinator within a start-up company in Northwich. They dealt with interactive whiteboards for schools and businesses within the Warrington & Manchester area
  • Career Highlights: My Career highlight so far is that I’ve started my own business called CarsonCouriers
  • Hobbies: Travelling and watching football, formula 1, tennis and major golfing events
  • Likes: Spending quality time with all the family as well as my close friends
  • Dislikes: Being judged on who you are as a person rather than being given the opportunity
  • Favourite Holiday: Going to Melbourne in Australia as well as going to Florida
  • Attitude to Life: Always be positive in life. I believe certain things happen in life for a reason a perfect example is starting my own business

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