Nicolette G

Medical Record Analyst

  • Specialisms: Neonatal Nursing, Midwifery, General Nursing
  • Career: RGN, RM, DPSN BA (Hons), Nursing since 1979, collating medical records since 1996
  • Career Highlights: Meeting and being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman and being asked to speak at the House of Lords
  • Professional Body: RCN
  • Hobbies: Walking, theatre, cooking, reading, knitting
  • Likes: Spending time with my husband and our 2 sons and holidaying as a family. Good food in the company of good friends
  • Dislikes: Dishonesty and falseness
  • Favourite Holiday: France and the USA and visiting New Zealand for a month when I was 21
  • Attitude to Life: Seize the day. Life is not a dress rehearsal

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