“The quality of the pagination is second to none and only recently I had an expert comment that these were the best paginated records he has ever seen” – Graystons

Website Privacy Policy


This document describes the privacy policy in place to ensure that information coming within Medical Record Collation’s (MRC) control, in particular client information, is protected and treated appropriately.  MRC has separate detailed Data Protection and Information Security policies which will apply to much of the same information and which are available on request.


In the normal course of MRC’s work, we will have access to and in some cases will need to record information relating to client firms, fee earners, cases processed and payment terms.

In some instances, for example the address of a particular firm, the information will be in the public domain. In many other instances, for example the number of cases being worked on for a firm at any one time, will not be public knowledge.

It is the policy at MRC that no client information should be provided to any party external to the company, whether or not it may be perceived as being information already in the public domain. It follows that MRC will not divulge client information of any sort to any third party, for any reason other than fulfilling our service, legal obligation or in the unlikely event that we need to enforce our terms of business.

Cookies may be used to gather analytics and assist with management of the MRC website, but opt-out is readily available and no personal information is involved.

MRC is not responsible for the privacy of organisations other than our own, including those linked to MRC’s website.

Information Collection and Use

We may collect any or all of the information that you give us depending on the type of transaction you enter into through our enquires tool, including your name, telephone number, and email address, together with data about your use of the website. Other information that may be needed from time to time to process a request may also be collected as indicated on the website.

We use the information collected primarily to process the task for which you visited the website. Data collected in the UK is held in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. All reasonable precautions are taken to prevent unauthorised access to this information. This safeguard may require you to provide additional forms of identity should you wish to obtain information about your account details.


We have used Sally and Medical Records Collation Ltd since 2010. She came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.

Sally sorts and paginates the records we receive on our medical negligence cases and complex PI matters. She prepares excellent chronologies that have been of immense help in the investigation and progression of our cases. Experts often comment on how well organised the records are. It helps us and the experts we instruct because the chronology is concise and to the point whilst also being thorough.

I have been working with nurse consultants in medico legal practice for over 14 years and Sally is one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with.

Mark Slater

Solicitor and Supervisor of the Medical Negligence Department, Price Slater Gawne