“a superb service in sorting, reviewing and providing a chronology…an impeccable standard and cannot be matched” – Irwin Mitchell

“The breadth and depth of nursing knowledge provided by the MRC team is a useful additional tool in any medical negligence investigation” – Asons

“…a very professional service, with a high standard of work, turned over quickly, and very competitively priced” – Timms

Who We Are

A medical record collation and analysis service helping law firms nationwide

Why Choose Us

Our expert team have the greatest range of medical specialities in the marketplace

Tailored Services & Fees

Fixed and deferred fees are available and the service tailored to your requirements

Medical Record Collation


We pride ourselves in the reputation we have built up amongst leading clinical negligence law practices for delivering fast, accurate and reliable pagination and chronological analysis of medical records. MRC are very proud to have been approved by both AvMA and APIL to be included on their acclaimed and dedicated database of medical experts for these services.

Flexible Service

We are currently very mindful of the Government’s concerns regarding the spiralling costs in clinical negligence cases and the likelihood of changes being imposed later this year. We also recognise that in the early stages of a case, usually when liability and causation have yet to be established, a full sorting of all records and a detailed chronology may not always be required. We work hard to deliver a very cost effective service whilst maintaining our consistently high standards. It is for this reason MRC now offers two different levels of service: Comprehensive and Selective. All our cases are considered for the selective service and we refer back to the instructing solicitor for agreement.

We believe that the flexibility of our service and the choice of deferred and/or fixed fee options will go some way to helping solicitors manage their cost levels, whilst at the same time ensuring that we continue to provide the right level of service, and ultimately cost, to be able to support any revised fee arrangements.

Clinical Specialisms

Our growing team includes nurses, midwives, dentists and doctors all with many years’ experience in over 50 areas of clinical speciality. Each case is assigned to the member of the team with the most knowledge of the particular specialism. In our experience this provides the best analysis of the records, enables us to work more efficiently and therefore keep costs to a minimum.

It is this clinical expertise and understanding that underpins our service and assists you to deliver the very best outcome for your injured client.


We have used Sally and Medical Record Collation Ltd since 2010. She came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.

Sally sorts and paginates the records we receive on our medical negligence cases and complex PI matters. She prepares excellent chronologies that have been of immense help in the investigation and progression of our cases. Experts often comment on how well organised the records are. It helps us and the experts we instruct because the chronology is concise and to the point whilst also being thorough.

I have been working with nurse consultants in medico legal practice for over 14 years and Sally is one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with.

Mark Slater

Solicitor and Partner, Price Slater Gawne

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