“a superb service in sorting, reviewing and providing a chronology…an impeccable standard and cannot be matched” – Irwin Mitchell

“Sending the records to you is one of the best things I have ever done…You can be very proud of the service you provide! – Matthew J.Nagle & Co Solicitors

“…a very professional service, with a high standard of work, turned over quickly, and very competitively priced” – Timms

Who We Are

A long established medical record collation and analysis service helping law firms nationwide

Why Choose Us

Our experienced expert team have the greatest range of medical specialties in the marketplace

Tailored Services & Fees

Fixed and deferred fees are available on request and the service tailored to your specific requirements


Medical Record Collation

Here at MRC the foundation of our service is experience. We’ve been active in the medico-legal sector since 2008 and have experience in pagination services stretching back to the nineties. The vast knowledge of our clinical team allows us to provide a fast, reliable and, perhaps most importantly, high quality service. Over the years we have built many successful and mutually beneficial professional relationships with our clients and we will continue to deliver the best possible service to them. With respect to this, both AvMA and APIL have approved us for inclusion in their dedicated database of medical experts for pagination and chronology services. Sally Gordon is also a regular speaker at the annual ‘Law Practice & Procedure Course’ run by AvMA.

We believe it is crucial to maintain awareness of industry changes and the Government’s plans to introduce Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC) for clinical negligence cases remains uppermost in our minds. In response to the invitation from Lord Justice Jackson, MRC collaborated with three other well-established and respected service providers to present a written submission about the proposed changes and made recommendations for best practice and ultimately cost savings in the end-to-end-process.

In the meantime MRC are working hard to anticipate the impact of forthcoming changes to ensure we can continue to provide an uninterrupted and quality service.

MRC maintains a robust information security management system designed to exemplify good practice in information security. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulations due to come into force in May 2018 (as well as existing legislation) and comply with the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Tailored Service

Our service is designed to cater to the requirements of each individual case and we are very well equipped to adapt according to your instructions, as the case may need it. Having worked on thousands of cases over the years we are no stranger to the repeated issues that can arise from collating medical records. We’re confident that the collective experience of our staff can overcome any challenge that your records may present.

In addition to an adaptive service we also offer flexibility in price. Our team are adept at working with estimates and are happy to work closely with you to determine the best way to proceed according to your budget.

We also understand that costings for cases can often be unpredictable which is why we offer a choice of either fixed or deferred fees which can be adjusted to suit the needs of your particular case. We also have plenty of experience with cases which are funded by ATE insurance.

Clinical Specialisms

Our growing team includes nurses, midwives, dentists and doctors all with many years’ experience in over 70 areas of clinical speciality. Each case is assigned to the member of the team with the most knowledge of the particular specialism. In our experience this provides the best analysis of the records, enables us to work more efficiently and therefore keep costs to a minimum.

It is this clinical expertise and understanding that underpins our service and assists you to deliver the very best outcome for your injured client.


As the owner of one of the four industry leading firms within the pagination sector Sally is excited to be a founder member of the recently established association PAGE (Pagination Accredited Group of Experts). The purpose of PAGE is to promote professional standards and best practice in the preparation of medical records for use in litigation.


I got the opportunity this morning of reviewing what you have sent back to me.

My goodness! You have done an extraordinary job!

Sending the records to you is one of the best things I have ever done.

Instead of having about two thousand sheets in no particular sequence, order or category, I have them all now neatly ordered, categorised and indexed so that instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack I can instantly locate any particular record.

Even better, you have prepared a chronology and have made initial observations which are absolutely invaluable.

Now, instead of having to send a mass of documentation to Counsel to trawl through and advise on for the purpose of selecting the relevant medical experts, with all the difficulty, delay and expense that would have entailed, I can just send the pages containing the contents and index, the chronology, the schedule of radiology and your observations and if counsel then wishes to see any particular records they can be instantly accessed and forwarded.

You have done all this quickly and for a very reasonable fee.

You can be very proud of the service you provide!

It is outstanding.

I am extremely grateful to you.

Matt Nagle

Solicitor , Matthew J Nagle & Co Solicitors

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