“MRC are a very approachable organisation to work with. From the initial call, collection and return of the records the experience is a very pleasant one…” – Graystons


Are you compliant with the latest General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

MRC have always maintained a robust information security management system and yes we are fully compliant with GDPR 2018.

How can I be sure that any electronic data you are processing for me is secure?

We are very proud to have obtained the Government backed ‘Cyber Essentials’ Certificate. This confirms that we have made provision to guard against cyber threats and demonstrated our commitment to cyber security in our internet facing infrastructure including: firewalls; routers; end devices and hosted systems.

How do I send the records to you?

We are happy to receive records by your preferred method, usually DX, courier or Royal Mail. Records can also be uploaded electronically to our secure document management platform. All records are acknowledged by email on receipt.

Do you offer deferred payment terms?

We do, and we are happy to offer this on a case by case basis. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the terms and conditions.

I am not sure this case will proceed, how can I keep costs down?

Our service is tailored to your particular needs, which we appreciate may vary on a case by case basis. We are very happy to discuss the case with you and help provide the most cost effective option.

Will you provide a cost estimate?

Yes, we can do this either in advance of the records being sent out or once we have received the records when a more accurate estimate can usually be given. Once we have agreed an estimate with you this would not be exceeded without further authority. This usually only occurs once the nurse starts preparing the chronology and discovers it is a more complex case than originally thought.

How long do you take to return the records?

We always return the case by the date agreed with you on receipt of the records as we understand you are likely to then have time critical appointments arranged. Our standard turnaround time for sorting, paginating and indexing (collation) only is 14-21 days. For collation and a chronology the standard turnaround time is 21-28 days. We can return urgent cases quicker than this, usually arranged on a case by case basis and we always advise you contact us first to ensure we can meet your required deadline.

Can you turnaround urgent cases in 1 week?

Usually yes we can. It is always better to call us in advance of sending out the records so we can make the appropriate plans to deal with the case as efficiently as possible once it arrives.

Can I send records as a PDF or on CD?

Yes you can. Records can also be uploaded electronically to our secure document management platform. There will however be a small charge for printing off the records.

Please note, if you have printed out the records from a CD and are sending the hard copies, please do not send the disc as well. A lot of time can be wasted accessing and checking if they are duplicates.


Who sorts the records?

We have a team of experienced nurses and medical clerical staff who have all been trained to produce records collated to the same consistently high standard, either to our standard format or to your preferred method.

Are you able to use our preferred pagination style?

We are happy to tailor our service to meet your requirements and preferred method. Our team are very experienced and have the essential expertise to sort the records in the most logical way enabling documentation to be found very easily from a very clear and comprehensive index.

Who prepares the chronologies?

Our team consists of nurses, midwives, dentists and doctors – all with a minimum of 10 years clinical experience, although in practice this is many more. Most have been carrying out medico-legal work for many years too. Please see the Specialisms page for details of the huge range of expert clinical knowledge and also visit the ‘Our People’ page to learn more about those working on the records.

What medical specialisms do you cover?

Our team cover over 70 different medical specialisms so we can ensure your case is assigned to the most appropriate person – please refer to our Specialisms page.

I would like more of an understanding of the records, can you help?

Yes we can. Our workshops provide firms with the opportunity to learn how to get the most of the medical records at the lowest cost. Please see our ‘Workshop’ page or call us on 0161 928 1636 for further information.

How do you return the records?

We can return them by your preferred method and we would always use a tracked service. Our driver can return records to local clients within a forty mile radius. He will also travel further afield to return urgent cases to ensure your deadline is met.  

Do you scan documents?

Yes we can provide this service and are happy to do it on a case by case basis.  Records are usually scanned to a PDF per lever arch file and copied onto a CD. The document is OCR’d enabling you to search and annotate as required.

I have some additional records to be inserted, what should I do?

We are happy to do this for you – our preferred method is to paginate the additional records to run on from the end of the previously paginated records. This allows the additional records to be scanned as an update to the previously scanned records avoiding the need to scan all documents again. 

If the additional records are from an entirely new source/s we do not need the original files returning. However, if they are updates from previously paginated source/s and there is an overlap in dates, it is best to return the relevant files so we can check and remove any duplicates from the newly disclosed records. Please note that you only need to send the files which hold the records of the sources being updated. For example, if there are 4 files of records with the GP records only in File A and you have updated GP records, you only need to send File A.

Are your medical record analysts insured?

Yes all of our team of healthcare professionals that prepare chronologies and memos are fully insured.

How can we be reassured about the quality of the work?

MRC have a thorough and continuous training programme in place for all staff undertaking both the sorting and analysis of medical records.

We also have a robust quality control process that is carried out at various stages of every single case.

MRC are an accredited member of PAGE (Pagination Accredited Group of Experts) and Sally is one of the founding members and also secretary of the association. The purpose of PAGE is to promote professional standards and best practice in the preparation of medical records for use in litigation.


Are you recognised by any official body?

We are very proud to have been approved by both AvMA and APIL to be included on their acclaimed and dedicated database of medical experts for our services.

How do I upload records to your document management platform?

Please call Operations on 0161 928 1636 and they will provide you with a secure link to your personal file on our platform.


We have worked with Sally Gordon for many years now and have always found her to provide a very professional service, with a high standard of work, turned over quickly, and very competitively priced.

David Dickie

Solicitor & Head of Clinical Negligence Department, Timms

I have worked with Sally for over 8 years having been referred to her by a colleague.  Sally has provided a superb service in sorting, reviewing and providing a chronology on clients’ medical records in clinical negligence claims.  Her work is of an impeccable standard and cannot be matched. Due to the impressive quality of the records returned to me and guidance in the chronology and commentary, it has made my job simpler and the quality of the records is always praised by experts.

Sarah Coles

Solicitor & Partner, Irwin Mitchell