We are very proud of the lasting relationships we have built up over the years with our client solicitors. Here is what some of them have to say…


I got the opportunity this morning of reviewing what you have sent back to me.

My goodness! You have done an extraordinary job!

Sending the records to you is one of the best things I have ever done.

Instead of having about two thousand sheets in no particular sequence, order or category, I have them all now neatly ordered, categorised and indexed so that instead of trying to find a needle in a haystack I can instantly locate any particular record.

Even better, you have prepared a chronology and have made initial observations which are absolutely invaluable.

Now, instead of having to send a mass of documentation to Counsel to trawl through and advise on for the purpose of selecting the relevant medical experts, with all the difficulty, delay and expense that would have entailed, I can just send the pages containing the contents and index, the chronology, the schedule of radiology and your observations and if counsel then wishes to see any particular records they can be instantly accessed and forwarded.

You have done all this quickly and for a very reasonable fee.

You can be very proud of the service you provide!

It is outstanding.

I am extremely grateful to you.

Matt Nagle

Solicitor, Matthew J.Nagle & Co Solicitors

MRC are a very approachable organisation to work with. From the initial call, collection and return of the records the experiences is a very pleasant one. The records are delivered on time, well ordered and experts have expressed their thanks to us for such easy to follow and well-presented documents. No task is too much even when having to print the records from disk and producing 23 lever arch files of records!

MRC are quick and good value for money and will provide a cost estimate should you require one for insurance purposes. I would have no hesitation in recommending MRC’s services. Toby the dog is lovely too!

Julie Grayston

Solicitor, Graystons

The quality of the pagination is second to none and only recently I had an expert comment that these were the best paginated records he has ever seen.  Pagination incurs costs in the short term but saves huge costs overall and it is clear that the better the records are paginated, the greater will be the overall costs savings.  Costs savings are not however the only benefit of well-paginated records.  In the recent comments from an expert, it was clear that but for the quality of the paginated notes he may have missed the eureka incident upon which we can now frame our allegations of negligence.

Additionally, in the same case, the claimant was a poor historian and I asked for a more comprehensive chronology than would usually be the case in order to help shed light on what in fact had happened.  The chronology helped change the focus of the claim and it became clear that although there was no claim on the basis of the claimant’s vague recollection of events, the claim did have merit in other ways.

Mike Stevenson

Solicitor, Graystons

Sally Gordon is absolutely excellent at what she does. She is able to bring forth calm from the storm. She is able to take the most complex medical bundles which may be out of order, incomplete, illegible and confusing and present them in such a way that even a lawyer can understand them! She not only knows, presents and interprets what is there, but she also tells me what is not there that should be, where else to look and what to look for. I wish she was involved in all cases which are record-heavy. It would certainly be easier for the advisers.

I find Sally’s confidential briefing note, (which often accompanies her records) extremely valuable, concise and relevant – not words usually associated with experts in other disciplines!! If the case is in a mess, I know Sally can sort it out. I have recommended her to many others

Richard A Hartley

QC, Cobden House Chambers

MRC provide a good quality service. Sally knows the industry and understands what is important to ordering records and the company pride themselves on producing a high standard of work for their clients. I am happy with the quality of work that they do for me. If I have ever had any queries, they have always worked very hard to ensure that my issues are addressed. Despite working for numerous clients, they work well tailoring their service to individual client/solicitor needs, which is essential as we all work differently. Well done MRC

Sharon Allison

Partner, Ashtons Legal

MRC are leaders in their field, providing a quality and reliable service. Medical records are always returned within agreed timescales and collated and paginated to a consistently high standard.

MRC provide flexible terms at reasonable rates. I would not hesitate to recommend their service to other clinical negligence practitioners.

Anna Sari

Lawyer , Morrish Solicitors

We have instructed Medical Record Collation for many years and have always been delighted with the service and quality of the work provided.

The bundles are collated in such a way that not only greatly assists the fee earner, but the experts and Counsel too when considering the case and providing their opinion. The chronology is always very thorough and accurate.

We would not hesitate in recommending Medical Record Collation.

Trudy Buck

Lawyer , Sarah Barclay & Co Solicitors

I believe that in a case where a colleague is being investigated for potential negligence it is mandatory to examine every record and to reference it in the report. Unless the documents are sent in a format that enables me to do this I devote double the amount of time, much of it secretarial rather than professional. I thanked Gregsons Quality Solicitors who had sent me extensive documentation that had been sorted, indexed and paginated better than I had ever previously encountered. I understand that this had been done by Medical Record Collation Ltd.

Hugh Whitfield

Consultant Urological Surgeon

We have been very pleased with the level of service provided by MRC and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

The paginated bundles are always very well presented, with a clear and precise index and detailed Chronology. Any missing records are highlighted within the paperwork.

We find that the paginated records together with the chronologies provided, are invaluable when instructing Consultants to provide medico-legal reports.

The staff at MRC are extremely helpful and professional and always happy to assist with any issues that may arise eg quick turnover of pagination.

Julie Brannan

Lawyer , St Helen's Law

I just wanted you to know I have received great praise from one of our experts who commented that in his 35 years as a medical expert in claims, he has “not seen a set of records this size which was as well organised as the medical records of MISS X”.

We always recommend you to others, you really do give us an excellent service and quality of work, and have done so for many years.

Linda Schermer

Solicitor, Head Of Department And Associate Director Clinical Negligence Department, Quality Solicitors Oliver & Co

I have used the services of MRC and Sally Gordon for almost 3 years, during which time I have found the standard of work to be very high indeed. The breadth and depth of nursing knowledge provided by the MRC team is a useful additional tool in any medical negligence investigation. Sally takes care to assign a set of medical records to an individual within her team who has nursing experience relating to the subject of the investigation. This enables a lawyer to receive a fully sorted / paginated bundle of documents, together with a detailed chronology of events and an outline of additional issues to consider. I have never been disappointed with any aspect of the service provided, which is constantly prompt and accurate. Initially, I instructed Sally on an individual basis, however, the work was of such a high quality, that every member of the medical negligence department now uses this service.

Mark Pickering

Senior Litigator & Medical Negligence Team Manager

I confirm that I and my Clinical Negligence Team at Jobling Gowler have used the services of Medical Record Collation since its inception in March 2008 and for several years prior to that, we regularly instructed Sally Gordon in her previous partnership. I have always been pleased with the quality of the chronologies prepared by Medical Record Collation.  I am also impressed with their service in terms of keeping to agreed delivery times and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other Solicitors.

Simon D L Gowler

Solicitor and Partner, Jobling Gowler LLP

I have worked with Sally for over 8 years having been referred to her by a colleague.  Sally has provided a superb service in sorting, reviewing and providing a chronology on clients’ medical records in clinical negligence claims.  Her work is of an impeccable standard and cannot be matched. Due to the impressive quality of the records returned to me and guidance in the chronology and commentary, it has made my job simpler and the quality of the records is always praised by experts.

Sarah Coles

Associate Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell LLP

We have worked with Sally Gordon for many years now and have always found her to provide a very professional service, with a high standard of work, turned over quickly, and very competitively priced.

David Dickie

Solicitor and Head of Clinical Negligence Department, Timms

We have used Sally and Medical Record Collation Ltd since 2010. She came highly recommended and we have not been disappointed.

Sally sorts and paginates the records we receive on our medical negligence cases and complex PI matters. She prepares excellent chronologies that have been of immense help in the investigation and progression of our cases. Experts often comment on how well organised the records are. It helps us and the experts we instruct because the chronology is concise and to the point whilst also being thorough.

I have been working with nurse consultants in medico legal practice for over 14 years and Sally is one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with.

Mark Slater

Solicitor and Partner, Price Slater Gawne

My company has been dealing with Sally Gordon for several years, following a recommendation from leading counsel.

Sally has collated and indexed detailed medical records in a number of our substantial cases.

Her service has been remarkably helpful, particularly when highlighting or identifying important records or missing records.

Sally’s response to our instructions has always been prompt, professional and efficient, and her fees have always been very reasonable.

Paul Mulderrig

Solicitor and Managing Director, Mulderrigs Ltd

I just wanted to say that Gez who sorted the records has done an excellent job. The Memo she sent to me is extremely helpful raising a number of issues in addition to those I had already considered which I am now asking our Experts to comment on.

Julie Hardy

Solicitor and Partner , Barratts Legal

Our Clinical Negligence team at Dutton Gregory LLP have been sending our medical records to Sally for over a year now and have received nothing but an excellent service from her! We are particularly impressed by her attention to detail and her previous nursing experience is an asset; each set of records returned is perfectly collated and indexed and she has an eye for spotting missing records and inaccuracies. Her advice sheets and chronologies are invaluable and save us a considerable amount of time. Everybody should be using her!

Dutton Gregory